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We are a tax and bookkeeping firm in Neptune, NJ, serving clients in all 50 states. Whether it's tax advisory, business bookkeeping, or complex taxes, our team can help. The combination of an experienced team and a variety of skills allows us to handle tough situations with ease. We are happy to answer your questions regarding your personal or business taxes. You can decide if our firm is the right fit for your business or yourself by connecting with us on a more personal level.


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Business, Medical and Moving Mileage Increases for Final Six Months of 2022

The business mileage rate is increasing by 4 cents, to 62.5 cents per mile, while the medical and moving mileage is also increasing by 4 cents, to 22 cents per mile, for the final six months of 2022.

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Weekly Tax Tips

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Understanding Tax Terms: Depreciation Recapture

Too many taxpayers using a home office or having rental property are surprised by their tax bill when they sell their property. A little understood area of the tax code called depreciation recapture is often the culprit.

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TaxVid Videos

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Tips to Organize Your Tax Records

Here are some simple tips to help preparing your tax return less of a chore. And if you do nothing else... follow this one tip.

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The Trouble With 0% Financing

While paying for something with 0% interest may sound appealing, there are risks you'll face that you should be aware of before you take this step. Here's what you need to know about 0% financing.

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About The Owner

Monica Davis

Monica Davis

CEO/Sr. Tax Advisor

Monica Davis, the owner of Elite Tax and Bookkeeping Center Inc., is committed to providing quality tax and bookkeeping services. In her over 20 years of experience, she has helped families, individuals, and small businesses with their tax problems. Her ability to diagnose problems and assess how to solve them is unsurpassed. When caring for clients, Ms. Davis takes a hands-on approach. Having built a team of professionals, she can provide a comprehensive range of tax and bookkeeping services.  Ms. Davis and her team continue to learn from their clients' experiences and enjoy taking on new challenges.

It is Elite Tax's goal to earn your trust and gain your business.

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